Saturday, October 14, 2006

Taking Requests


I've got a few more games to review, but I'd like to take a few requests on game previews, or reviews. If you have a game you think I should preview/review, just post it in a comment, and say why you think I should review it!



JenXIII said...

I've played Flyff a bit, and I found it relatively light on grinding but limiting in it's stat system. I'd like to hear your opinions on it, Reddy.

RedFlame said...

Well, its a little old! But yes jen, the stat system is quite limiting, and I found the cash shop too overpowered. I might review it later, but not the top of my list right now.

Anonymous said...

Well here are a few that I was thinking on playing (currently im trying out BOTS)

- Knight Online -Played it before they added the patch
- Nostale
- Bots - Lots of grind when you get into it, hoping they update it with a patch soon so it gets closer to gunbound.
- Risk Your Life - Free one since i'm still in Highschool and my parents don't ever plan on letting me play a pay per month mmo

The spellborn preview was great by the way, i'm looking forward to that game.

RedFlame said...

Hrm, I might have to do a Bots one. Maybe include Gunster in there too.

RYL2 is out soon, or already out maybe, so I wont touch on RYL just yet.

I'll have to post a list of free games later, for those without credit cards of course, maybe a short little review for each too:P

Soroku said...

Ive been playing Rappelz (gPotato), and I think its ok, but it is really the first MMO Ive played, besides Runescape. I know a lot of people play it, and, since Im still in High School, I have to stick to free MMO's.


kinkoz said...

Could you reccommend or review some brower MMOg's? I don't know very many, and I was hoping you could check some out and review them. BTW I trust your opinion very strongly.

Jon said...

A great browser MMORPG with a strong following is "Sherwood Dungeon". One thing that's cool about it is that it was developed by one guy - Gene Endrody. He has kept close communication with his players and the game has evolved with their help. I highly recommend checking it out.