Wednesday, July 30, 2008

ROSE Online: Evolution F2P

Hello all,

In case you do not know, North American ROSE Online (naRose) switched from P2P to F2P on July 29th 2008 (yesterday). I invite you all to give ROSE a go, as I feel it is one of the best F2P games on the market.

The official website is:

The game client download is around 650mb, with a few hundred megabytes of patching. I noticed I don't have a review for it on my blog (something I'll correct shortly), but I'll list some of the basic features.

Player set stat points
Player set skill points
Guild vs Guild
Player vs Player
Intricate quest system (the only quest system that I've actually enjoyed doing)
Movement through cars or flying ships, or, one day, mech-like robots

So if those interest you, give it a shot.
In other news, Florensia Online entered open beta testing a few weeks ago. Give it a whirl if pirate and sea battles are your thing.

It you search my blog you can see a preview for the game, and soon I'll also have a review for the game.

The official website is:

The client is around 1.7gb download with a few hundred megabytes of patching. Don't worry about it being a European version, there is a US server hosted also.

Thats all for now,