Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Short List of Free/Beta Games


*edit* I'm aware some of the pictures dont work, it seems to vary user to user, try refreshing, it solves the problem sometimes *end edit*

I have a bunch of midterms this week and next, so instead of making a long winded review of some game, I'd rather just post things for you guys to play. For those that are bored, here we go

-open beta started October 2/06
-much like Lineage 2

Monato Esprit

-open beta started October 16/06
-feels a little like an anime version of WoW
-no stat point system, so thumbs down from me

-open beta was supposed to start October 13/06, has been delays
-very unique skill system, uses key combos to cast them (kinda like street fighter moves)


-indepth review already posted, check history
-its free and in open beta I believe

-free to play
-review already posted, check history


-free to play and in beta I believe
-no stat system, so thumbs down
-interesting pet system though, you can become your pet

Knight Online

-pvp focused MMO


-2D shoot em up game, much like soldat, but has an MMO aspect
-open beta and free to play

That should be enough for now, i'll post screenshots later today, this computer is quite slow.



Chris Goetschius said...

Knight Online is definitely out of beta phase. There are bugs, but go figure. They just released a new expansion as well: Reign of the Fire Drake. Best PVP MMORPG in existance. period.

Mr. Young said...

Hey Red Flame,

You do good work with this blog, friend. I produce a talk radio show about video games an I'm looking for people like yourself to be correspondents in some more popular MMOs. Hit me up at lawrence@allgames.com and let me know what you think.

Anonymous said...

Which Knight Online website is the official (or best) one, I found two when i searched google.

RedFlame said...

The official one is the one I posted. I also stand corrected, its no longer in beta phase.

Zedane said...

Great article Red Flame. Did you notice that of all of these posted they all seem to follow a common trend , they deviate from giving you a reason to play the mmorpg. I'm finding it harder and harder to figure what I'm actually playing the game when I log onto these MMO's. For example Knight Online, your just popped into the world and just do your stuff. I remember playing games like FFXI and they would go all out to explain to you the story of the world and the quests which would be unique and fun.

I don't know if its just me, or is the finite reason to play the mmo going away. I've never really been into PVP (maybe because i have never had the time to become good), and I just can't get into games anymore that just drop me into the world and expect me to just run out and find group after group of monsters for money and new armor.

RedFlame said...

I agree completely. MMO's have been deevolving very very quickly. The first gen MMO's (EQ, Lineage, UO, RO) were VERY good at explaining things, getting you involved, and working you in slow.

The current day MMO is just plop into a world, with nothing new, hunt for gears, you have no character development(one of my pet peeves), and the focus is just on cranking out the game as fast as possible.

That'll be my next review post btw, on the MMO industry and game design in general.

Zedane said...

It seems the new trend in korean mmo's is this weird idea that all the "classes" in the game must be actual characters with a paragraph of story (see pirate king and many others).

I find this REALLY annoying, and it seems kinda lazy to me. Instead of letting you pick races, gender, and all the other stuff that makes characters unique, they make "Joe" "Lisa" and "Tom", you pick one of the three, pick a hair style and color and your just thrown into the game.

Not only that but Korean mmo's have settled into this monotonous style : spawn->find mob->kill mob for hours->get new armor set (now they have combined shirts and pants to make it less unique)->log off of boredom->rinse and repeat. They have also replaced all inclination of story, plot, or any unique/fun quest with a page on their website that has 5 paragraphs of some RANDOM story that they made up so the game has some kind of story.

Thank God for you blog,
I finally was able to rant somewhere about this.

RedFlame said...

I agree on lots of that, just wait till my midterms are done, and I'll have a lengthy post about it, for your reading pleasure.

Warp said...

Actually the the knightonlineworld.com address is the US version. The original Knight Online (which I think is a lot better then the US version) is http://knight-online.com.my . It is in english as well and from my experience has a lot better community. Thats just my 2 coppers though. Anyways, you got a good starting list here. You might want to check out onrpg for some more free/beta games, if they ever get around to actually updating their lists...

kinkoz said...

Knight Online is a triple thumbs down. It's too linear with too small of a community for anything fun to happen. The graphics are also boring, and the game felt like a chore to play. I would avoid it at all costs.

A great free game is silroad, the quests and tasks can become repetitave, but the Alchemy, Skills, and equipment options are great. Not to mention that trading, and raiding is an anazing aspect of the game.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

you guuys are kinda silly to think that an mmo that is FREE would care weather or not they explained story.... read there page. why would they spend that much time if there not going to get paid. they just make the free ones so that people that dont like to pay for play can have some fun and a similar experience. if you dont like it go play wow and stop whining.

RedFlame said...

That last comment hurts my head. Free To Play means there is no monthly fee to play, it does not mean anything about the revenue a company makes.

Each of these free to play games has a "Cash Shop", a place where players can spend real money in exchange for in-game items or money. It has been shown in east asia that cash shops actually bring in MORE money (per month per person) than their P2P counterparts. So expecting lower quality, or having no right to complain, from a F2P game is ludacris.

ShavenLunatic said...


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Cheers :)

free mmorpg said...

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