Thursday, January 15, 2009

Disclaimer and Update

Hello everyone,

I have been quite busy lately with school and interviews, thus I'm unable to post anything, but I would like to make a quick recommendation.

Of the recent new games that I have not yet reviewed: Shaiya and Luna Online, I would recommend Luna Online and avoid Shaiya. Luna has a decent stat system, a very good skill system, and an amazing job system. The official website is: (there is a North America version coming from GPotato soon, apparently).  My only warning with Luna is that the grind can be immense at the higher levels, and the cash shop does contain the stat/skill reset items.

I also wanted to post a disclaimer. I've been reading some of the comments for my older reviews and have seen countless times that people are forgetting the DATE of the review. I have little care for people who comment that the review is "all wrong", when they are posting 2-3 years after the review was written. Games change dramatically in that time frame and thus of course much of the finer details have changed, but at the same time most of the core concepts remain the same. Thus, when reading older reviews on my site (or any other website) I would recommend you focus on the core systems being discussed, and not the minor details. 

For those people who dislike reading and only scan documents:


Thank you. 
- Management