Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Delays...and Pirate King Online

Hey all,

Very sorry for the recent lack of posts, I've been swamped with midterm projects, those should come to a close this weekend and I can resume posting as normal.

First off, as I stated before, I'm currently playing Pirate King Online (www.piratekingonline.com), its in open beta phase and will not be wiping after open beta. It is also a F2P game (Free to play), which means it comes with a cash store. But this is one of the few games out there where the cash store does not create imbalances, just saves a little time, and it allows us to play for free, so its a good trade off.

Basically, the thing that got me playing this game is the stat system, its very similiar to Ragnarok Online(RO) with the exception of the luk stat. They function in almost the same way, and they affect your characters abilities deeply, and no one build appears to dominate. Thats my little checklist on stat systems, and its passes thus far.

There is a newbie class, which goes to 4 first classes, and then onto second classes (much much like RO, some classes can become 2 different second classes and so on..). The game very easy to start initially, and you can quest until (Ingame ship, being attacked by defender)
your eyes bleed if you wanted too. The combat is again much like RO, point and click, same as movement. Skill use is the same also, however you must buy skill books (like WoW) to initliaze them, then you may level them up to 10 with your skill points (one per level).

Aside from the character development system, the forging and compounding system is quite deep also, including sockets (like RO again) and using gems, which you can find, buy, create by compounding other items, and so on. Also, there is a basic "life skills" system, including mining, fishing, wood chopping, sailing (Character ingame, wearing "costume") (Yar, Pirates!).

The unique and intriguing parts of the game include buying and equipping your ship (used to navigate the seas, and other tasks, such as war). And the guild vs guild system is quite interesting, from what I've read and heard (have yet to participate in one), its much like a DOTA from Warcraft 3, yet it includes the sea also. The goal is to destory the opposing guilds base, through land and/or sea attacks (landing your guildies on the oppositions island is a good idea in general). However, there is buildings such as towers that will try to stop you. These can be both damaged and repaired (using materials you find off of local monsters, along with temporary buffs they drop). There is also a gold wager involved, so it should be interesting.

Thats all I have to report on for now, until I get higher level, currently not even second class (evil school), but I'll try and keep you updated!

No rating yet, not a final review. All I can say is give it a try.



Anonymous said...

This is an incredibly well thought out and useful review. The writer of it must be an intelligent and insightful person who people should just hand money to as they pass on the street. Even now as I read it I feel a strong urge to send the poster monetary reward. You RedFlame, are my hero.


Anonymous said...

I really like sarcasm too!


Gunblade said...

Wow, I am a long time mmo vet, mmorpg.com member, and mmo blog reader.

I just stumbled upon yours today through Digg. And I am instant fan, I can not wait for your other reviews.

: )

RedFlame said...

Thanks, upcoming is a spellborn preview!

Micha said...

haha, sounds really great your review...

I also started this game today due to your article and I am also a long time MMO-player. Hope I don't get annoyed to soon. Maybe we will meet ingame. what is your character's name etc.?

Would love to get in contact with another Multi-Massive-Online-Game-Jumper :).

(u find my mail-addy in the my website-thing ^_-, would love to hear from ya.)

Dimitri Plabato said...

As a video game beta tester master I've got to say that was pretty well done. It actually made me want to play.

Good job.

You also look like you're just getting started. If you don't mind any staff helping you out drop by the forums (www.losersparadise.com/forums) and send me (Ankoku) a pm.

Till next review.

RedFlame said...

Thanks, it wasnt a full fledged review because I didnt quite have enough understanding to give a final opinion. Good to know people are reading it though!

kabir said...

This review really helped me out as i wanted to download a new online game............
Thanx for the review and the link

kabir said...

I think this review really helped me out and i am am gonna download this game right away.....

RedFlame said...

Glad I could be some help

kinkoz said...

I thought this game would be an interesting mix of mmoRPG and RTS. Also pirates are cool. I had a couple of questions though.

1) Are the classes and character development up to par with other games of this genre?

2) Is the trading aspect any fun, or a repetitave task that has no value?

3)Can you go further into depth the island RTS part of the gameplay, I don't understand it very well, and to me it seems like the funnest part of the game.

Thanks alot for reading over it, and thanks for putting up this site.

kinkoz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

You're review here comes up top in Google when i search for "Pirate king online review".
Excellent aint it?

Anonymous said...

Is there any difference between this and Tales of Pirates?

Anonymous said...

Meh RO and Wow are like way over rated. But game is good. Tale of pirates and Pirate king online are same game. Only TOP is amercan servers mostly.

Togira Ikonoka [The cripple who is whole]

moneyrules said...

That game looks bad.

Online Casinos said...

I have heard of this game from a friend who loves to play this game, but I haven't played this yet. I bet it's really cool since seeing from my friend's view of this game, it's really good. :D

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