Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Granado Espada Singapore Version (English)

Hi everyone,

Sorry for my absence of late, I had a week of midterms, followed by a holiday, followed by a week of midterms! And in my few spare moments I've been playing Granado Espada (GE).

I definately recommend you check it out at its in "Closed Beta", but pretty much everyone who applies gets accepted. Its a different spin on an MMO, and quite enjoyable.

The Closed Beta ends March 19th, afterwards it shuts down for 2-3 weeks to upgrade to a newer version of the game. Which then leads to pre-open beta sometime in Mid-April. There will be a character wipe between closed -> pre-open. But there will be no wipes after pre-open beta. I'll have a in depth review up after it closes on the 19th, for those who didn't get to play.

If you are playing, drop your family name in the comments below, and maybe we can duel! Hasn't been much else for news in MMO industry since, other than Acclaim's "Top Secret" project, where they are selecting members of the community to design an MMO that they will then produce. But there is no details on that yet, so for now we remain in the dark.

As always, enjoy!

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