Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Updates: Short One


Sorry for the delay (again), but one more day until the term is over! Woohoo! (Then 7 days of hell, then finals).

As for any updates. I'm still waiting on CABAL Online (www.cabalonline.net) to go open beta. It is supposed to be "sometime in December"; so lets keep our fingers crossed.

Also, I'm gonna try and compile some information on Lord of the Rings Online. My initial thoughts on it are not very flattering for Turbine (LoTRO producers) so I'll try and get more info before posting a preview.

Lastly: DELAYS.
Almost >every< single MMO in production has been delayed 1-6 months. I've got no idea what the industry is up too but its making for a very sad state of games during christmas break. CABAL is only remaining option.

Hope I do well on my finals!

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