Monday, December 11, 2006

LOTRO Beta Key

Sorry for the lack of updates of late, but I've been busy with school. I do however happen to have a Lord of The Rings Online closed-beta key to give away. And since you, my faithful readers, care enough to venture to my little blog, I feel it should go to one of you.

Leave your email address and reason for why you should get the key. It HAS to be activated by tommorrow at about 7 PM EST, so if there is only one comment by that time, you'll get it!

On other news, CABAL goes open beta on the 18th (this is from's forums, I'm not sure if its "official" so dont hold me too it!).

And thats it for now, the MMO industry has been VERY quiet lately. Only other rumours around revovle around Darkfall finally entering into beta stages sometime next year.



Emma said...

Please let me have your beta key! I'm a huge fan of LOTRO and would really appreciate it. I'd worship you forever and would sing your praises far and wide :D

Pretty please with a cherry on top?

My e-mail address is m158e AT

*Fingers crossed*

J said...

I'm gonna be different and suggest emma get the key. :D
So there you go.

RedFlame said...

Heh, in 3 1/3 hours I'm giving it, if no one else posts then I guess Emma gives it.

Please make sure you have AT LEAST 2.8ghz, 1gb of ram, and a relatively high end video card. Otherwise you wont be able to play.

RedFlame said...

After an amazing ONE PERSON commented, they win the LOTRO closed beta friend key!

Its being forwarded to your email address right now.

RedFlame said...

Emma, I cannot get the email through, it gives me post-master errors. Sadly something came up and I have to go, I'll try and register it for you, but not guarentees.

Anonymous said...


It's Quaker0

please zomg please

evanio said...

sorry to bring up a *dead* topic, but whatever happened to the key? did emma ever get it or did it jsut get wasted?

RedFlame said...

Emma didnt get it, because the email she/he gave me did not work. I've passed it on to a friend, I still have access to it (since he wasnt fond of the game) if you were interested.

evanio said...


ill definitely give it a try, since ive heard some good things about it along with the bad.

I would appreciate it SO much if you could send the account info or w/e stage it is in now to ""

keith said...

Ahhh year since the last post I wish I could get a key......