Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Upcoming Betas

Few open betas coming soon I'd like to make everyone aware about:
-(shorts posts because I'm busy this week)


-You'll see a rather scathing review of it in my review list but that was the first 50 levels only (closed beta limit), so I'm hoping to at least try up to level 100 before I make a final decision. Regardless; to each their own, it may just be the game you're looking for. Currently in closed beta.

- Currently in closed beta also. Has a good stat system with a unique skill development and overall character development system. I've yet to experience the PVP or Guild vs Guild modes. Might be something to look out for in terms of game content.

Priston Tale 2

- Should be open beta soon(previous pres release said November 06). Warning: it pushes Unreal 2.5 engine graphics to their limits, might want to check system requirements before you get too excited. The first one was very well designed, just had a few problems with the grind and loss of experience from death(you could lose whole levels). And this one has been in the making for quite some time, so I expect great things.

Thats all for today.


Anonymous said...

you should check out Thrones of Chaos sometime. It is still in devolopment but it looks to be the type of perfect non-class based system, hardcore, and has great PVP

RedFlame said...

I'll be reading about it now.