Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rappelz Review - Ugh.

Hi everyone,

I know I said I wouldn't even be trying Rappelz, but I figured that's not fair to my readers that they should not get a review just because I find concepts of the game bad. And a friend asked me to play, so I had to! So lets jump straight into the review:

My expectations going into the game were low, as it does not have a stat point system. But nevertheless, it is possible to make the game fun and require 'skill' without a system, just much harder. So I decided to make an Asura race character, and go for Strider or Sorcerer class. So when I logged in, first thing I noticed was the graphics. They are done well enough as to not make it an eyesore and still impress me, so it gets a passing grade in that department. However, the next thing I noticed was the movement, which is point-and-click via mouse. It simply wasn't smooth. If you were running and decided to change direction, it takes your character about 1 second to realize that you clicked somewhere else, which is really quite annoying. Especially since you can be walking towards an NPC, and talk to the NPC whilst walking, and when you leave the "range" of the NPC the chat closes.

Aside from the response time issues, the beginning of the game is rather standard. You spawn, are asked to kill X of monster Y and do this a few times, then move to the next set of quests that asks you to similar tasks and so on. By the time you are level 10, you are complete the "training", and can change class. (Each race has 3 possible classes, with 3 races, meaning 9 total classes). By this time you've learnt a few of the more interesting aspects of the game, such as summoning a creature(to ride or fight with), upgrading armors (similar to L2), and the use of force chips (use one, weakens the enemy for a few seconds). Which is all fine and dandy. But, while I learned more about the game, my opinion of it began to quickly fall.

First off, the skills. They use a job point based system, where each kill gives you X experience and Y job points. You use these job points to either level up a skill or level up your job level. This is not explained very well at the beginning of the game, as many people waste their job points in beginner skills when it requires base level 10, job level 10 to change class. And although they offer "mastery" skills for almost every weapon in most classes, they remove any and all "skill" required to play the game through their system. This is done by not capping job points(jp) earned. So with an unlimited amount of playing time, you can have every skill for your class at max level. Couple that with no stat system, means that as soon as you find some interesting strategy to kill monsters/players with, using a combination of skills; someone can simply copy it since they have all the skills you do. The only limitation in the amount of skills you have is the amount of time you spend leveling, which is a system to base a game off of.

I can give it props for the potion system, as they either heal instantly(with a cool down) or heal over time (with no cool down), so there is no pot "spamming". I also found the camera slightly annoying, as you can scroll out a long ways, but cannot adjust angle of viewing very much without zooming back in. Lastly, I found the PVP poorly thought out, I believe this problem is only for first class characters (they have second class planned), but if you're a melee character, fighting a ranged character, the ranged need simply to walk in zig-zags while attacking and your character can never respond fast enough to hit. If this was meant to be fixed through the second class skills, they should have included second classes in release.

Also have to give it another point deduction for its system, or lack thereof. The monsters drop no rare items except for cards and cubes used to upgrade a weapon. Anything else they drop can be purchased from the store. Thus you cant even find a "rare" weapon, unless you purchased it ingame or used the cash shop to buy upgrade materials for it. Truly disappointing.

Overall I give this game a dismal rating, as it tries to be like Lineage 2 or WoW but simply doesn't compare in any aspect. I would recommend almost any game over this one, including WoW. The fact that it is free does not make up for its flaws either. Lack of a stat system, horrid skill system, poor response time, poorly developed PVP, countered by only a few good concepts makes this game a prime candidate for my newly developed MMOTRASH bin.
In it goes.





Anonymous said...

yay, more mmo trash

Anonymous said...

trash indeed, played it a bit an realized that cooking eggs is more exciting than playing rappelz

Anonymous said...

Not a bad reveiw but did you run any of the dungeons or play it for 15 mins and uninstall?

I can't stand the game myself but which ever way I look at it..its a 5 out of 10.

Anonymous said...

more review trash.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the others, your review is trash.

You mathematical idiot no one has an unlimited time to play. Spending that much = no fun. The JB is uncapped but the amount you earn per kill decreases exponentially if you try to farm JPs. It is hard enough just filling up one branch of the skill tree due to JP cost becoming ridiculously high after 4 point in any one skill, so good luck trying to max every skill.

This is a very good game for being free due to graphics and sound. It is bad due to the difficulty finding good teammates which true of most mogs but extra hard here because there is no way to search for players by lvl or class and even the players you see before you, you can’t tell which EXP and JP lvl they are at (only class is show but there are an endless number of different builds for each class) and the movement system which you already mentioned (why it is hard to be and archer, can’t run backwards while shooting).

Anonymous said...

Don't write a review simply based off of your distorted opinion, I give your criticism two thumbs down.
Also, just to toss this in there, there isn't a one-second- delay after the second click to change the trajectory of your character, I suggest you get a decent computer or check your connection speed.

Anonymous said...

lol your review sucks

Anonymous said...

You really have to get your facts straight before you write a review. There are weapons and armor (and other items)that are from drops only. The amount of job points it takes to get your skills to max, is not easy to achieve. Not if you actually want to make your character good. You have to spend points on job levels as well, and once you Over Breed your character, you get more skills to spend jp's on. I would love to see you max your levels. Your review is flawed. It is obvious to anyone that has spent more than 10 minutes playing this game, that you have no clue what you're talking about. I'll make sure to ignore any review from you in the future.

Morato said...

Well, 1st off i have to disagree with your coments about his review, you shouldnt be soo agressive although he was with the game.
At the begining i didnt find the game that much fun since it was a bit hard to master, but after 2 hours of game play and asking ppl around how to do stuff i got to like it a bit more. Graphics were probably the best for a free mmorpg, music is cool and the leveling system is no better nor worss than others, its just diferent. This game seems to have a further longevity compared to GW or WoW since the max lev is rather hard to reach and the JP are hard to manage.
Overall i rate this as one of the best truly free online mmorpg an 8/10 in free mmorpgs scale.

P.S : Plz for further notice, do play the game till you reach a high lev and are involved in the serious matters of the game, otherwise its like making a review of Wow at lev 10, wich is simply silly.

Anonymous said...

Hmm lots of details on raids. Also what an in-depth coverage of the pet systems and guild systems.

Frankly your review is horrid because you barely played the game.

Rappelz is by far not the *BEST* game. But its a good 7 or 8 on a 10 scale.

Your PvP analysis lacks... Your description of an archer vrs a melee makes me think you don't know what your talking about.

Anonymous said...

I agree this might not be the best game, but I definitely think you're full of it.
Did you even play this game past a day or two? Get a guild or do the dungeon system? I haven't yet, but I sure won't be rating the whole damn game on my first day.

Anonymous said...

Hmm I agree with everything but the jp comment, you'll never get all skills till 100+ and I suppose its what makes people wanna keep playing, to get all skills, but your so right about stats, they dont describe crap all about the classes, what bonuses classes have vs others etc, and the pking element? this game is for PvErs but if ur into PvE why not go hunting irl. I only play mmorpg cause cant kill people irl. always thought I shoulda been born in medievil days >;(, nice review. It is your opinion after all.

Anonymous said...

anyone reading this dont bother. This is a really old review most of the bug he wrote about that i read have been fixed. YEs the game has problems, but it is a good game. He wrote the review is seems during epic 1 or 2 maybe. I started during 4 but i know most of this stuff is wrong now. Please completly disreguard this awful review and acctualy try the game.

Anonymous said...

its a very good game but ur review makes it look pretty dum.... make a better one making it more fun i have 4 acc's but who cares make it sound FUN!!!

Anonymous said...

Horrible review. This is easilly the best MMORPG out there. You didn't even mention the PET system, which is the STAR of this game. You didn't mention the dungeons and party system, which is the second start of this game. You didn't level as far as lvl 10 or something like that if you didn't realize all these.

Most sites rate this as one of the best games out there, you are pathetical. Unbiased? that's a joke, and the tagline says graphics doesn't matter, but you where ACTUALLY ABLE TO SAY RAPPELZ GRAPHICS WHERE NOT GOOD, you are pathethical.

Anonymous said...

I gave this one a try and found it totally substandard. The main problem for me was you had zero customisation options and any female character looks like a hooker.

Once you actually start playing you are treated to a mandatory series of simple tasks that bore the hell out of you. Learn to click here. Learn to click there. It treats you as though you have never seen a mouse before let alone a MMORPG, being able to skip that section would have been a good idea.

But the real jip comes when you actually get off the training island. The very first thing a NPC says to you is you did really badly in the island. I assumed I had missed something but it's not possible to miss out any stage so this is just a random kick in the nuts for the sake of it.

Riding a giant chicken isn't fun and nor is everyone looking the same as you. The lag is abysmal and the actual gameplay is dull.

I played on for a couple of days in the hope I was moving on to more interesting stuff, but I didn't find anything to keep me playing. Still, I wouldn't have the balls to write a review based on an hours gameplay so this is probably more useful to prospective players than your scrawled review based on 30 mins of play.

Galanet Scam said...

Review is a bit...incorrect but you have to see when this review was made...judging by the lack of second guessing epic 3 which makes this review good as well for his mmotrash bin.

Fact : Game was good up until epic 3
Fact : epic 4 screwed it up but it was bearable
Fact : epic 5 ... epic fail !

Played this game since epic 3, got everything out of it that you can possibly get. and what are you left with ?

Horrible game coding and even worse american gm's that don't give a rat's ass about the people that give them cs money.

Galanet is practically running a daylight scam infront of everyone with their cash shop and people either are not noticing, or don't seem to mind getting robbed.

All in all, amongst the free mmo's its probably one of the best...that doesn't mean the game is good tho ! all you do is GRIND GRIND GRIND...u do nothing...quests end at what..lvl 60 if i recall correctly ? lvl cap is now at lvl 170...takes days to lvl up once without quests because all you do is still grind grind grind.

I compare this game to heroin, it feels good at first but once you get addicted it turns sour reaaallly fast.

(How about that review from a long time high r6 player)

RedFlame said...

Thank you Galanet Scam for your deduction of the new features in Rappelz. Many of the previous posters apparently forgot to check the date that this review was published.

Also, many of the previous posters fail to understand the intensity with which people play games. It is common to hear people spending 300 hours in a 2 week period playing a game. This makes reaching the max JP quite realistic.

In addition, I do not play for 10 minutes and uninstall (unless the game is truly bad). I played Rappelz for roughly two weeks (if I recall correctly), and that is what my review is posted on. If you expect me to suffer the pains of that game (at the time of the review) until I reach max level, you are ridiculous. I write reviews as if I were a normal player, not some hardcore dedicated fan who believes there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Ajai said...

another pathetic attempt at writing a game review.

i played this game and yes there are some flaws. but the ones you mentioned in your so called "review" are just biased opinions from someone who sets his mind to hate the game from the very beginning.

seriously if you want to write a decent review you need to be open minded and professional. if not you just sound like an emo brat.

Anonymous said...

very poor review.

Rare items are better pets you can get apart from the 3 basic pets ( a chicken, cat and a tortus ).

Also there are rare necklaces, earrings and rings to make u cut above the rest.

There are also stuff called soulstones which boost your stats and give you the edge over opponents.

Rare weapons are also found though they give same stats, but look way cooler ^^.

This is the only Free MMO that makes your pet your 2nd character. YOur pet levels, learns new skills, and can be equipped with items to fight beside you. There is even a special pixie that has healing abilities.

Please play more before reviewing, you only touched 5 % of rappelz ^^

Anonymous said...

Worst review ever...

Anonymous said...

Go back to playing WOW, this review is obviously biased. You judge it in a "pay to play" point of view and you do not judge it by the "free to play view." Not many free online games are like Rappelz.
For example, in Rappelz any job/class could handle pets and make them assist you during battle.

Anonymous said...

Go back to playing WOW, this review is obviously biased. You judge it in a "pay to play" point of view and you do not judge it by the "free to play view." Not many free online games are like Rappelz.
For example, in Rappelz any job/class could handle pets and make them assist you during battle.

oh and its my b-day today yay xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD hahahaha just being random (you'll probably say I should just go get a life or something because of this but whatever xD)

Anonymous said...

Your review is extremely biased lol. It's like nitpicking every small detail that you hate about this game.

Nothing on the pet system? I don't know whether it was out 3 years ago, but if it were, why no mention of it? considering that it's one of the game's main features after all.

I'm giving this game a personal 7 (prolly going to be -1ed for the crazy item mall prices) for now, because I do find some of the jobs interesting (kahunas), but then again I just recently started playing, so blah.

seanedgar92 said...

PLayed epic 3, 4 and 5, and rappelz is just another Korean MMO clone, the server response time is very poor, with it getting to 5 seconds sometimes, i could only really play late at night, as then the sercer traffic was down enough to have no delay, the gameplay is grind based rubbish, and you cannot compare a game like this to GW or WoW, its a poorly made free MMO, the only good parts are the graphics which are medicore in my eyes, and the music, which is rather nice, everything else has been done so much better on other games. rate this game? 3/10 just another clone. jesus even runescape beats rappelz for gameplay. Anyone who "loves" this game is obviously a fannatic and will defend it till the end, blind of its faults.

Anonymous said...

I think his rating of the game is too high personally, and not on the right flaw's of the game, My little review for this game is pretty straight forward.

This game has no creativity

I started off on my Asura Dark Magician in Katan, doing a few quest's until I noticed, I've been killing the same monster (yet differently named) for hours now... And why so many? I think nothing of it and grab the next set of quest's only to notice the monster's were once again 3 types of the same monster's (Skeleton's, Rat Goblin's, and Prisoner's) I couldn't believe how many times I'd killed the same thing over and over, and I got sick of it. (I know some of yall are thinking "go to a different zone", but should i really have to go to a different part of the world in a MMO to see new monster's?) It got so repetative I tried grabbing DP's (or Dungeon Party's) at lvl 21, only to be explained by a higher lvl that you quest till 6x... And at that moment I realized if I had played this game doing that for that long... I would probably kill myself crazy, truly this game is not a grind until 6x, yet it feels that way when your quest's make you do that exact thing, but with the odd twist of running back and forth to town! I played this game for 2 or 3 days now (not even too much) and started to think... why?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Bad game. And yeah, I played it MANY HOURS, so I know about what I am talking. It is even coded VERY bad, after you idle some hours in the game you can see how the sky will break, strange coloured lines everywhere then. OUTSTAND LAGS in the cities, whoo!!1 Quests up to level 45 and then nearly no additional? Yeah ok, Grind Grind Grind, eh? How funny
They even integrated many features for the Cash Shop only, or even worse, some of them got converted to CS-items
for instance, originally it was intended that you get stamina even while you are logged out. in the current state stamina is simple USELESS for non-CS users.
Not even a rogue is what a rogue is used to be.
Not really action-based fights, just click click click and your enemy is dead. That's it

And community:
Definitivly 1/10, maybe because it is Free To Play. Flamer kiddies everywhere, kill some dudes while they are PvEing, and you will get ganked by high level characters and by overnumbered enemies. AND YEAH, I even ANNOUCNED my attacks, warned my victims, and I did only kill people in my level range. shitty community like in many other mmorpgs.

Just stupid, silly, bastardic carebears, uh?

TrenchDog said...

With the economy down pay attention!!!!Well I actually like the game. First off its TOTALLY FREE TO PLAY!!!! second it has an awesome pet system, LOADS OF EVENTS that changes the whole storyline or adds tons of presents or events every two three Months! Did I mention its FREE!! It may be a toned down version of WOW I agree but not having to pay money to play I can deal!!! oh and I see ch close to LV100+ all the time. So im not sure thier is a LV cap? I know I have seen a LV 450 Boss though. If u want to play just a day or two dnt play this, but if ur willing to give it a try and save money!!! Oh and by the way my Ch name is TrenchDog and I am on the Bahamut server. So look me up while ur there if u need help.

Anonymous said...

honestly...all i see here is a whiner.
nothing will ever be perfect,and the people who run rappelz will never have as much money to update their graphics and servers to the extent of wow Aion ect.
For a free online, i say its Awesome.
you can compare private servers to an "un-private"one...
when will people stop whining and understand the fact that games like wow will have better servers graphics ect...

Anonymous said...

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Game has gone downhill. Zero customer support and 90% complaints about how bad this game in on its our forum..

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The current state of Rappelz is BROKEN. One of the main futures about the game (it's pets) is broken as of last week. Pets are getting wrong skills or skills that they can't even learn making them utterly broken. The end game Dungeon (Cube) got broken with one of the latest game updates resulting in the end game content of the game been broken. Many players complain about the new game dll files not been supported by Windows XP and their excuse is because Microsoft support for Win XP is about to end. Note the support is not ended yet but Rappelz support for Windows XP have already ended. The game is having serious connection issues and lag issues resulting in multiple disconnects all the time and people with low end connection been unable to play/connect at all to the game. The game optimization is non existent as many of the issues that are since day one release aren't fixed such as skill cards not stacking resulting in increased game loading time. Sometimes because of of the bad optimization if you get a lot of skill cards in your inventory you can't even log in with this hero as the game disconnect you. Also the quest line for the end game class MC (Master Class) have quests that are impossible to be completed and there is no one that can show video proof of him completing them. One of the quests after your are MC require you to use the cash shop to complete it (or spent days and billions of in game currency) in order to get one of the 3 skill points required to unlock your most important MC skills. Over all this game is pay to win and broken.