Monday, September 04, 2006

A Little History

Hey everyone, and welcome to my blog.

Lets get things started with a little history about myself. I'm 19 year old male, living in Alberta, Canada and have been MMO'ing for well..6-7 years I figure. I'm a computing science student at the University of Alberta and an avid gamer on all fronts, but most specifically the MMO scene.

I started my online-gaming with some text based games, some of which I still play. Mainly and Vagabonds Quest. One day when "blitzing" with someone in VQ, he said I should try out this new game, which was in beta testing at the time. It's name? Ragnarok Online.

And lets get this out there right now, I think RO is one of the most brilliant games in existence, with its only fault being that its a little old and graphically weak compare to the more modern MMO's. But regardless, its an absolutely amazing game. I played that until the end of Beta 2, in which the game went Gold, requiring me to pay monthly. As I was only 13 at this time, I wasn't about to pull out a Credit Card, so I went adventuring on the new looking for new games.

I've been to just about every MMO site on the web, and looked at pretty much every MMO that has been coming out, or is out, since that year. So my first "find" was Priston Tale, another beta game. I played it for quite some time, but as this was early on in the games history, dying at level 50+ meant losing more than a level, and I wasnt too cool with that. So again, I moved on. Needless to say, I participated in betas of most of the games currently released, but couldn't quite find my niche. Thus when RO announced it would be releasing Second Classes, and plans for a PVP system, I was all ears. And with the help of some friends online and my brother, I got an account on the gold version.

I have been playing that entirely, with the exception of various beta's here and there, for about 5 years now, and eagerly awaiting RO2. I've also played the likes of WoW, EQ, Lineage 2, Auto Assault, and most other large MMO's(and lots of smaller ones too!)

So now that you know my history, I hope to give you a unbiased reviews of most of the current MMO's and future MMO's, so we can all enjoy a little gaming now and then.



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Please review DnL

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