Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A First Review: War Rock

Hey all,

Well I figured while playing Warrock I should write a review for it. So here we go:

First off, for those that don't know: www.warrock.net Its a halfMMO style FPS currently in open beta testing. First impression was "wow".

Its similar to BF2 in that it has the plane, tank, and infantry fighting, along with a capture the flag style infantry mode. However, it also has a CS style mode, which includes laying and disarming the bomb.

In order to give it that MMO feel there is level ups, which currently give you 5000 dinar(money), and that money goes towards renting (3-30 days) new weapons. None of which are any less or more overpowered that the starting weapons (balance is very important to me), just differ in accuracy, recoil, and so on.

So, onto the review part. The game is well designed for an FPS, including recoil, requiring stamina to jump (prevents bunny hopping). Also includes crouching, rolling, and crawling. Therefore I give it a 9/10 for an FPS, with its only fault being a few minor glitches in the walls.

However, I feel it suffers in the MMO aspect. The level ups come from exp, which you get from kills and depending if you team wins or not. Yet all they grant is more money, something you get every round also. I feel level ups could be given more of a purpose, but for now, it suffices as an FPS.

Graphically its fine, looks much like most current FPS' do, with exception of maybe HL2 and FEAR. And it has a large player base, so finding a game is usually quite easy. Lastly on long term play, it has been given constant updates, included new weapons and guns regularly, and if that keeps up I see it being very sustainable, as they plan to add a lot of exciting features.

My Final Rating:
-for not being a real MMO.


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Anonymous said...

If its an FPS, why are you expecting an MMO? its not going to happen, maybe someone will code a mod but officially it wont happen