Monday, January 29, 2007

LOTRO Review


I wrote up a rather lengthy review just now, but upon reviewing my terms of the NDA with Turbine I must wait until it goes into open beta before I can post it, so it'll have to wait.
In other news:

Granado Espada, the winner of the 2006 Korean Game of the Year Award is being brought to the US and Europe by K2 Networks (same people as WarRock). They plan for a summer release and it will be Free-to-Play with a gold package of Buy-to-Play (no monthly fee). I'll be writing a preview for it shortly!



haoloveling said...

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RedFlame said...

Trying to make money on the Download Firefox advertisements? That wasnt even an article, let alone a good one!

Jen said...

You could at least not typo "for" in a blatent advertisement.

Anyways, I'll be looking foward to your Granado Espada review. Keep up the good work Reddy!

Almatthews said...

Firefox is still awesome.

Anonymous said...

irregardless is not a word.